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About Center

In October, 1992 under the Degree of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan with a view of conduction of  scientifically founded development policy of the branch, creation of regulatory framework of the communication sector, development of such directions as standardization, metrology, certification of equipments applied in the telecommunication  networks, scientific and technical support of implementation of new techniques and technology was created the Scientific Research Center in the communications sector.          

Today the State Unitary Enterprise Scientific Engineering and Marketing Researches Center – “UNICON.UZ” is a leading scientific research organization consisted of 35 structural subdivisions and with different areas of activity that are high priority areas of the communications and information sector.    

Primary tasks of the Center are the following:

- creation of modern regulatory framework in the communications and information sector;
- conduction of research and development (R&D) works on relevant trends of the communications and information sector development;
- implementation of new technology.

Development of regulatory documents and conduction of scientific researches are realized on following directions:

- implementation of new generation networks of telecommunication, new information technologies, and services;
- telecommunication networks management, network interconnection and traffic transmission of  various types of telecommunication services;
- post communications;
- labor protection and safety facilities;
- standardization, metrology, and certification;
- marketing researches and tariff policy;
- information security, and cryptology;
- radio communications, broadcasting  and television, electromagnetic compatibility, implementation of wireless communication technologies;
- implementation of quality management systems;
- development and implementation of new terms in State language into the information and communication technologies sector;
- researches in the sector of renewable energy sources and etc.   

Moreover, SUE “UNICON. UZ” conducts the activity on following areas:

- standardization of communication and information technologies;
- certification of telecommunication facilities;
- metrological provision and ensuring the unity of measurements in the communications and information sector;
- implementation of state cadastre of communication objects;
- development of standards, protocols and information security facilities;
- analyze of electromagnetic compatibility;
- examination of design and estimate documentation;
- conduction of marketing researches and consultations;
- carrying out the activity of Digital Signature Keys Registration Center;
- development of software products;
- realization of research and information and publishing activity and etc.