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Research laboratory on convergence of information technologies

Primary objective of the laboratory on information technologies convergence is development of the newest and leading all around the world services, products, and convergence technologies. It consists of the following subdivisions:

- Department of project administration management;

- Research on future technologies of IT convergence services  – main research sphere of the department is development of strategies and plans on R&D works of the laboratory on information technologies convergence, and also development of the project on new technologies of next generation IT convergence.

- Research department on radiofrequency identification and all-pervading Smart Sensor Network– main research spheres of the department’s research are working out readout devices for radiofrequency identification signals, development and standardization of mobile radiofrequency identification, creation of next generation radiofrequency identification, development of reliable and energetically economic transfer technologies of reliable and energetically economical transfer technologies on all-pervading sensor systems.

Main plans for future activity include dynamic development and implementation of technologies for radiofrequency identification signal pickup, sensor system technologies, implementation of radiofrequency identification technologies and all-pervading sensor systems into automobile industry, shipbuilding, medicine, national security, etc., conduction of scientific works on this theme at local and international level, creation of localization system in a real mode basing on radiofrequency identification, development of technologies on microcode software of radiofrequency identification and all-pervading sensor systems.

- Research department on robotic and cognitive systems – main research spheres of the department are development of technologies on robotic systems integration, creation of robotic systems of professional service, creation of network robots, development of reference robotic systems and all-pervading management technologies and robot navigation.

Main plans for future activity are working out infrastructural systems, technologies of service by robots, robot cognitive technologies with the help of IT, human-robot and city-robot interaction technologies, and transfer of these technologies to the companies producing robots for robot market expansion.

- Research department on ecological and energy - efficient computing machinery (Green Computing) – main research sphere of the department is development and standardization of ecological and energy0efficient computing machinery with the help of research projects on Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), interoperable microcode software, wearable computing, social network services.

Main plans for future activity are development of technologies of microcode software, devices, user interface, and network technologies for economy and energy effectiveness in the living environment, and also development of means, which will be applicable to the transportation means, shipbuilding, and construction.

- Research department on biotechnologies convergence – main research spheres of the department are development of portable, not expensive, and ecologically harmless optical resonant reflective biosensor, study of bioelectric signal technologies, development of  neural interface technology, and also study of human activity recognition technology.

Main plans for future activity is development of biochips for the system of human health status’s full service and control system of daily biological state for disease prevention.

- Research department on telematics convergence and IT - transportation means – main research spheres of the department are development of uninterrupted internal and external location definition technologies, development of multiple linkages of transportation means, development of telematics devices technology based on the infrastructure of all-pervading sensor systems, development of a management system.

Main plan for future activity is development of integrated automobile IT-platform, which collects, analyses, generalizes, and absorbs the data on a driver and a car from sensors and communication networks, and provides safe, easy driving and ecological transport services to the driver and passengers, and also development of teleconvergence integration, which provides telematics convergence with such industries as logistics, insurance, ecology, security, and public health service.

- Research department of postal communications and logistics technology – main research spheres of the department are user interface improvement technology, postal logistics process technology, postal communications automated network technology, technology of operations on postal logistics in a real-time mode.

Main plans for future activity are implementation of radiofrequency identification application in postal logistics, installation of integrated automatic system of mail processing in a letter-sorting machine, introduction to the postal industry of such convergence technologies as telematics, robotics, and computerization.

- Research department on convergence services platform – main research spheres of the department are study of infrastructure and management technology for intelligent convergence services, study of service platform technologies, R&D works on vocal and audio coders and device management services for fixed and mobile communication convergence, and also study of network management technology.

Main plans for future activity are development of a common service platform, which provides convergence of telecommunication and broadcasting services basing on BcN, and intelligent convergence services platform development for numerous application fields: health service, education, robotics, automobile industry, shipbuilding, military, construction, etc.