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Research laboratory on software

Software laboratory works out leading international software on five directions: convergence, information security, Internet, digital information, vocal information. It consists of the following subdivisions:

- Department of project administrative management;

- Research department on future software technologies and digital information – studies leading technologies of future and develops creative technologies in software and information field. Also, it develops directions and a strategy for a research plan construction and developing in software products field and a Research laboratory on digital information.

- Research department on embedded software – main research spheres of the department are development of an automated software platform, embedded software, multimedia microcode software for embedded systems, development methodology and tools for embedded software, components and architecture of software, software development for portable and dual-mode telephones.

- Research department on speech and language informatization  – main research spheres and developing of the department is a computer-aided translation technology, a voice recognition technology, a dialog interface technology, an automatic translation technology.

Main plans for future activity are development of Multilanguage computer-aided translation for enterprise usage, development of intellectual search engines in mobile devices, development of an automatic Japanese, Chinese languages translation, and also devices of automatic transfer for businessmen.

- Research department on Internet-platform – conducts R&D works in server computer technologies sphere based on open software for the provision of video-services realization in the Internet and development of new Internet services.

The department provides a basis for the activation of many IT-services’ spheres such as digital television, intelligent robotics, digital information, software for industrial use, etc.

Main plan for future activity are development of a new computer technology based on the open software, and realization of the following programs:

- Development of a standard Linux desktop for Uzbekistan: Uz-Booyo2.0,
-Agreement on cooperation in open software technologies field with Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches de Toulouse (CERT),
- Second agreement with Chinese Center of Software and Integral circuits Production (CSIP),
- Cooperation program with IBM: data-oriented self regulating computing,
- Joint program with a Finnish center of technical researches VTT: personalized public platform of open software.

- Research department on intelligent information protection and security – main research spheres of the department are development of necessary information technologies for the next-generation Internet network security provision, development of a next-generation software platform, mobile devices, embedded operational system and convergence network, and also projects of security provision for Korea’s global network such as development of technologies for information security and guarantee of next-generation networks’ security, development of digital criminology for finding, storage, and analysis of digital witnesses and facts, development of security technologies of digital identification codes for personal information management and user identification, IP control system, and development of a wide-scale biometric service system.

Main plans for future activity are enlarging the region of information security technologies, and also information security technologies’ convergence and physical security technologies for the protection of not only individual confidentiality but also for the solution of different social problems including national disasters: crime fighting, emergencies, etc.

- Research department of digital information – main tasks of the department are researches and developing in computer graphics field used in films and animations, in visualization and reproduction field  (decoding of images from 3D format), creation of digital film characters, creation of high-quality digital games, researches and developing in virtual reality effects’ field and digital rights management.

Main plans for future activity is extension of research spheres in the field of 3D format images interactive transmission, adaptive e-teaching of users, personal mobile guide, etc.