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Research laboratory on software Research laboratory on radiobroadcasting and telecommunications convergence

Main tasks of the laboratory on radio transmission and telecommunications convergence are development of a standard and leading technology, which includes next-generation mobile communications, development and distribution of service technologies for creative radio transmission and telecommunications convergence with the purpose of informative and open society formation, development of a leading technology for networks of the future with the purpose of infrastructure realization, which uses artificial intellect means.

It consists of the following subdivisions:

- Department of project administrative management;

- Research department on radio transmission and telecommunications convergence future technologies – main tasks of the department are researches on the architecture of future convergence infrastructure for  optimized services of wireless and mobile communications, construction of long-term plans of developing, projects leading in the future technology of radio transmission and telecommunications convergence, management of future convergence infrastructure.

- Research department on mobile telecommunications – main research spheres of the department are study of advanced International Mobile Telecommunication technologies (IMT-Advanced), development of self-organizing network SON and femto mobile communication technologies for WiBro system (Mobile WiMax), development of WiBro system (Mobile WiMax) Evolution, study of the next-generation wireless spatial channel characteristics, study on the main wireless communication technologies, study and development of modem chipsets for LTE-technologies, etc.

Main plans for future activity of the department are study of technologies for intelligent cognitive mobile communications IMT-Advanced, and also study on program modems and free microcode software technologies, which allow multiplex radio access technologies to work on free hardware platform, and also research on mobile IP-television technologies, which will become innovatory products in a future mobile telecommunications system, extension and further development of main technologies for the convergence of automobile, medical, construction, shipbuilding industry, and national security and the platform of service management for creation of multi-convergence infrastructure, also, development of modem chipsets convergence technologies’ development.

- Research development on radio transmission and telecommunications convergence means – main activity spheres of the department are development of high-speed transmission systems of multimedia data based on IP, development of digital cable television technologies, terrestrial digital television technologies, terrestrial digital television transmission technologies, next-generation mobile transmission technologies, personalized broadcasting systems, services and technologies, protecting technology  for terrestrial digital television, IP-television quality determination, mobile IP-television technologies, IP-television deciphering technologies, etc.

Main plan for future activity is digital broadcasting basic technologies’ development, and their international standardization.

- Research department on network technologies – main activity spheres of the department are development of an advanced IMS structure (multimedia subsystem on the base of IP protocol) and technologies for convergence control of stationery-mobile network services, development of leading technologies for IP-television services based on IMS, study and development of technologies for convergence networks, R&D works on the development of routing technologies for QoS services on IPv6 base, study of convergence stationery-mobile network technologies based on IPv6, designing of BcN/NGN networks, development of  packet-optical integrated technology of data stream switching technique, development of multilayered optical network management technology, development of WDM-PON long-reach technology for all optically integrated metro- and basic networks, development of Ethernet network technology with the speed of100 Gbps, and optical data transfer with the speed of 100 Gbps.

Main plans for future activity are development of information technologies for telecommunication convergence services’ implementation, radio transmission and Internet network, and also development of a basic technology for telecommunications infrastructure meeting the next-generation requirements.

- Research department on satellite and wireless communication convergence – main activity spheres of the department are study and development of satellite data transmission technologies in K-range (21.4~22.0 GHz), development of high-efficiency technology of satellite access with return-line communication, development of satellite radio interface technologies for advanced system of International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT-Advanced), development of satellite communications system for COMS satellite (COMS – south Korean satellite for communications, oceanographic and meteorological research), study of on-board data processing for payload of the Earth’s artificial satellites of S-range, study of terrestrial satellite stations’ technologies of a Global Navigation Satellite System and search-and-rescue beacons.

Main plans for future activity are improvement of satellite data transmission, of Global Navigation Satellite System technology, development of satellite data transmission for IMT-Advanced and on-board technologies of data processing providing portable communications services with the application of satellite and terrestrial handheld terminals, development of more  accurate and reliable technology for tracking , and of improved search-and-rescue technology based on multisystem configuration of Global Navigation Satellite System technology.

- Research department on radio technologies’ study – main activity spheres of the department are R&D works on spectral engineering, study of electromagnetic waves’ effect on a human body, study and development of radio monitoring technologies, spectral engineering and radiotechnics millimeter-wave technologies, cognitive radio technology, antennas for wireless systems, and also study and development of wireless transmission technologies in TGHz frequency range.

Main plans for future activity are study of convergence nano-bio-information technology based on electromagnetic, wide-range system of radiomonitoring and development of reconfigurable multiband multimode adaptive antenna arrays and of radiofrequency components, and also study of Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC) technology and cognitive radio.