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In 1992 as scientific organization of the communications and information sector was created the Scientific Research Center (SRC).

As the primary tasks of the Center from the moment of its creation were defined the works on creation of harmonized with international documents of regulatory framework and legislative framework of the sector, conduction of scientific and research works on high priority areas of development and implementation of new telecommunication technologies.

In 1993 Regulatory Documents Department, scientific research laboratories on directions as automatic telecommunications, radio communications, electric quantum devices, labor protection and safety facilities, measurement in the communication technologies. Moreover, in SRC formed Library of the Republican data-processing centre (RDPC). The fund of regulatory documents contained about 2000 item. Therefore, in SRC was formed the scientific and technical, and regulatory base on which you may rely on development of regulatory documents and at conduction of R&D works.

In 1994 – 1996 the SRC actively participated in reconstruction of telecommunication networks in the cities of Fergana, Sir Darya, Andijan, Bukhara and Tashkent Valleys.

In 1995 in the Center was organized the Certification Body of Telecommunication Resources, and later in 1996 The Certification Testing Center (CTC), which pass the accreditation in the Uzstandsars.

In 1997 the departments with new directions were opened. The SRC was registered in Uzstandard as the base organization for standardization and as the base metrological service of the sector.

In August, 1997 in compliance with transformations in the communication sector and renaming of the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Post and Telecommunications Agency of Uzbekistan, the SRC was renamed into the Scientific Engineering and Marketing Researches Center (SEMRC) with imposing new tasks on it.

In 1998 was started the release of branch newsletter “Akhborotnoma” (Newsletter), Mail Communications Department was formed, which function consisted of development of regulatory documents and conduction of R&D works with use of advanced national and international experience, as well as the documents of the Universal Postal Union and other international organizations.

In 1998, the SEMRC under the Degree of Mail and Telecommunications Agency of Uzbekistan had been defined as at the parent organization on creation and use of quality systems in the sector on the basis of international standards of ISO series 9000. With the view of organization of work of the parent organization on quality systems on the basis of ISO international standards series 9000 in the mail and telecommunications sector the Scientific Research Department of Quality systems was established.

In 1999 the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted the “Telecommunications Law” developed with participation of SEMRC. On the same year 66 regulatory documents were developed, includes a number of concepts for development of different scopes of activity in the communications sector, 9 R&D works were conducted. The new subdivisions were established:

- department for examination of design and estimate documentation on which duties the conduction of examination of constrictions projects of telecommunication sites are assigned;
- information technology and services department which duties are consisted of implementation of new technologies in the sectors of telecommunications and information technologies, including its regulatory support.

In 2000 at the SEMRC the cadastral service, marketing department and the laboratory for repair and calibration testing had been established.

In 2001 the first pilot project of solar-wind power station “Charvak” with 5 kW capacities was constructed under the French grant. On this station a number of R&D works are conducted.

The experts of Base Metrological Service and Certification Testing Center of SEMRC mastered the new directions of activity such as, technical approvals of telecommunication resources, conduction of measurement works and development of technical approval methods of specific measurement devices.

During this period the Department of Terminology and Dictionary, Department of Energy-savings and Renewable Energy Sources, Scientific Research Department of Radiocommunications and Electromagnetic Compatibility Problems had been established.

Within the period 2002-2004 the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan about “Information”, “Digital signature”, “Electronic document management”, “E-commerce” have been developed with participation of SEMRC. The SEMRC also took part in development of a number of state programs on development the information and communication technologies in the Republic of Uzbekistan. By today more than 600 regulatory documents are elaborated by the Center.

In 2002 the Service of Electromagnetic Compatibility Analyses had been established.

In 2005 had been established the following departments:

- Digital signature keys registration center in the communications and information sector with a view of implementation of Law about “Digital signature”, thus the SEMRC is defined as the executive body of the State commettee for communications, information and telecommunication technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the sector of digital signature application;
- Subsidiary Enterprises for conduction of consultation at the all stages of development and adoption of quality management system in compliance with the requirements of the international standards ISO series 9000;
- Quality service, with imposing the tasks of the quality management system implementation in the SEMRC.
- Laboratory of measurements of working environment factor levels for conduction of measurement of working environment parameters in the enterprises of the communications and information sector and assessment of workplaces with respect to working conditions;
- Department of scientific and technical information analyses, the task of which include the supply the experts of the Center with scientific and technical information, reference and information support of enterprises of the sector, research and information provisions of developments, and decisions made by the administration.

The library service automation program is developed and implemented. The fund of library and reading hall is enlarged with the fund of thesis works defended within the period 1992-2005. The agreement is achieved on expansion of electronic fund by means of AUISTI Fund (All Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information) of Russian Federation, and the central library named after A. Navoi.

In 2006 the subsidiary enterprise ATET was established for provision of services in investigation and introduction of renewable energy sources of energy, installation of hybrid solar-wind systems, mounting of optic-fiber cables, and designing of communication sites, and etc.

For today in the Scientific Engineering and Marketing Researches Center “UNICON.UZ” about 180 employees are working. For the recent were developed more than 620 regulatory documents, including 39 state standards and 61 branch standards.

The Centre leads the vigorous cooperates with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI), Regional commonwealth in the field of communication (RCC), Association of documentary telecommunication” of Russia (ADT), Central Scientific Research Institute of Communications (Moscow), FSUE Scientific Research Institute of Radio (Moscow), Leningrad Scientific Research Institute of Radio (St.-Petersburg), Leningrad Branch Scientific Research Institute of Communications (St.-Petersburg), Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (Moscow), and with other scientific institutions.

The Center annually holds the top level international and national conferences and workshops.

The Center for rather short period of time from the moment of formation in 1992 become the one of the leading scientific and technical organizations of Uzbekistan with necessary potential for solution of any assigned tasks.