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Scientific council

 Academic Board of SUE «UNICON.UZ»

Scientific and technical Council of the Center of scientific-technical and marketing research of Communications and Information Agency of Uzbekistan has been founded in the years of the organization’s establishment. On February 5, 2008 its status was improved, and authorities entrusted in its structure were enhanced. Starting from that day it has been called Board of Academics. By the same Decree the Provision on the Board of Academics and its new contingent were confirmed. On April 2009 owing to the re-branding, the Center of scientific-technical and marketing research was renamed to SUE «UNICON.UZ» and accordingly set itself more important tasks. 
The Board of Academics is a public management authority of the Center of scientific-technical and marketing research and determines scientific, scientific-technical, and also general economic activity of the Center, assesses carrying out of this activity.
The Board of Academics carries out its activity basing on the Center’s Statute and the present Provision. The Board of Academics main tasks and areas of activities are directed to the solution of urgent problems of communications and informatization sphere. It’s worth of mentioning an important fact raising a level of the Board of Academics. It is the only Board of Academics before the scientific-research structure of the department, and a unique organization, where authoritative scientists jointly solve urgent problems. Nowadays the Board of Academics: 
Determines development perspectives, the Center’s types and lines of activity; 
Coordinates activity of the Center’s science departments, discusses the results of scientific works on the Center’s basic lines of activity;
Gives recommendations on the maintenance of R&D works on the topical issues determined by Government decisions, state scientific-technical programs, decisions of Agency Board, orders and decrees of the Agency; discusses their state and results;
Considers and approves the projects of Working plans on the realization of scientific-research, experimental, and development work, marketing researches, seminars, conferences, symposiums, and exhibitions of the Center and its department;
Makes proposals on the definition of the department’s priority orientations, and gives a view on the operational decisions of projects and relevant objectives. 
Considers the results of conceptions, programs, standards elaborated at the Center and its department, and conducted R&D works, it also makes proposals;
Discusses projects of the department’s enactments, projects of regulatory documents regulating activity, interaction of economic entities in the development of information-communication technologies and their interaction in the issues of  technical policy;
Hears, discusses the reports on annual statements, working plans, scientific and scientific-technical activity of the Center and all departments and renders corresponding decisions;
Discusses the questions on training, retraining, and professional development of research assistants and specialists, systematically hears information on the work done in this direction and gives corresponding recommendations;
Takes part in holding of competitive tenders on vacant positions for heads of scientific-technical departments, services, laboratories and sectors, and positions for research assistants as well.
Takes part ordinarily in organization of the learning process at full-time postgraduate study and preparation of scientific personnel in the branch’s priority areas.
Considers and approves topics of postgraduate and doctoral dissertations of employees.
Hears reports of postgraduate and doctoral dissertation candidates and recommends them to the specialized research council.
Hears and evaluates reports on scientific works in accordance with the claims of scientific and educational institutions.
Recommends for publication the Center’s scientific works.
Discussions the coordination issues on mutual coordination with other scientific and educational institutions and on some separate lines of activity.
Introduces the names of employees as candidates seeking the rank of laureates of state prizes at science and technology of Uzbekistan, also personalized prizes and scientific work marks, scientific discoveries, inventions; introduces the names of candidates for obtaining the rank of full members and corresponding members of  Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences and international academies.
Hears reports on international scientific cooperation and determines directions of its development.
Hears reports of scientists and specialists on the study of global experience on the implementation of scientific-technical achievements at communications and informatization sphere and their implementation into the branch.
Board of Academics staff and its activity organization 
The Board of Academics consists of a manager, vice managers, academic advisers, heads of leading scientific-research departments, services, laboratories and sectors; of a Board of Academics secretary, leading scientists and specialists of the Center and the department (on agreement), and also of a trade committee organization representative.
To the staff of the Board of Academics on agreement leading scientists and specialists of other departments’ scientific organizations are invited as well. 
The Board of Academics staff is determined by the Center’s manager for a term of 5 years.
The Board of Academics is managed by the Center’s manager – a chairman of the Board of Academics.
The Board of Academics has a right to take decisions in case of the bigger part of its members taking part in its meetings. The Board of Academics decision is deemed accepted if more than 51% of the meeting participants voted for it. If the discussed question doesn’t involve carrying out of secret voting, decisions are taken by open voting way.
The Board of Academics meetings are held once a month.
Protocols of the Board of Academics meetings are approved by the Center’s manger- a chairman of the Board of Academics.
At the Board of Academics corresponding orders and decrees are adopted for enactment of decisions having great importance for carrying out of the Center’s activities.
The Board of Academics carries out its activity basing on the working plan approved by the Center’s manager- a chairman of the Board of Academics.