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Development of the communication and information technologies is impossible without active scientific and research intensity of the enterprises. It explains research intensity of branches. It is known that research of information problems, working out of transfer technologies, processing and protection of the information, creation of intellectual systems is one of priority directions of development sciences and technologies.

The Scientific Engineering and Marketing Research center has been functioning since 1992 for the purpose of performance tasks in the field of a science and technology. For rather short time Center "UNICON.UZ" from the moment of its formation has turned the leading scientific and engineering organization of Uzbekistan, having the potential to discuss of all the tasks.

The center leads the vigorous activity on international scene; it establishes scientific links with such scientific organizations, as the Central scientific research institute of communication (CSRIC) and its branches, Interindustrial scientifically-information center (ISIC), Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (UI), Institute for scientific  research  of radio (SRIR) and its branches.

The State commettee for communications, information and telecommunication technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan annually plans carrying out of research works in various directions. So, in 2010 have been carried  on   investigation   in following directions:

  • Reforming of standardization systems on communication and information sphere according with adoption of law "On technical regulation".
  • Research of system-network questions of telecommunication network development of Uzbekistan.
  • Development and introduction of digital television and sound broadcasting.
  • Methods and maintenance means of information security of info communication.
  • Economic aspects of development communication and information sphere.