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Regulatory documents

For a purpose of the branch regulatory base’s development and improvement, basing on the proposals of economic entities of communications and informatization sphere, a Base Institution on standardization annually forms a Plan of development (revision) of regulatory documents in communications and informatization sphere.

By the regulatory documents such directions as telecommunications and electronic document management, electronic digital signature, radiocommunications and electromagnetic compatibility, etc. are grasped

In accordance with  a common state standards’ classifier, the regulatory documents of communications and informatization sphere can be classified according to following directions:

– on terminology in different aspects of communications and informatization sphere;
– on price setting,  mutual exchanges when rendering different types of services;
– on certification of  telecommunications hardware;
– on statistical reporting in communications and informatization sphere;
– on postal communications;
– in a labor protection system of communications and informatization sphere;
– in a standardization system of communications and informatization sphere;
– in uniformity of measurements’ providing system of communications and informatization sphere;
– on fiber-optic communications;
–on telecommunications in whole;
–on radiocommunications and television in whole ;
–on information technologies in whole;
– on construction.

At the center a fund of the branch’s regulatory documents is created, including an electronic variant with an open free access mount on the Web at the address: http// with an opportunity of previewing and downloading regulatory documents.

Systematically examination of the regulatory documents developed in communications and informatization sphere is organized with the aim of making a decision on their further application (revision, alteration, extension of validity or cancellation).