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ITU event


First two days of the event are devoted to the analysis of ITU- standards cooperation including standards H.701 (error recovery), H.721 (IPTV terminal), H.740 (audience measurement), H.750 (metadata), H.761 (ginga-NCL), H.762 (easy interactive multimedia), H.770 (service opening).


Test model gives an opportunity for IPv4 and IPv6 systems cooperation.


On July 22-23 broadcaster and telecommunication companies, system integrators, testing labs, and other participants of the products demonstration will be witnesses of the possibility IPTV products cooperation.


For reference:

IP-television is one of the latest projects in ICT industry and provides primary commerce opportunity for telecommunication companies, content providers, and broadcasting companies. Different research groups of ITU standardization sector have developed consistent set of technical specifications and standards under the leadership of Global initiative on standardization for IPTV (IPTV-GSI). Recommendations, developed under the leadership of IPTV-GSI, promote innovations, mask services complexity, guarantee service quality, provide capacity to interact, and at last, help to participants to stay competitive.