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In Baku the 23 rd session of RCC Commission on coordination of international cooperation will take place


In the course of the meeting the reports (elaborated under the RCC Commission on coordination of international cooperation) of Working groups chairmen, results of World Conference on telecommunications development and completion of R&D work «Preparation of RCC General Propositions for WTDC-10», cooperation of RCC communications administrations at the completion phase of preparation to Plenipotentiary Conference ITU of 2010 (October 4-22, 2010, Guadalajara, Mexico), preparation of CA RCC to the World Conference on International Telecommunications WCIT-12, preparation of CA RCC to World Assembly on ITU Telecommunications Standardization (WATS-12), consideration of cooperation with regional organizations project, consideration of «RCC list of events held within RCC charter activity» project, results of ITU Council Working group activity and spring session of ITU Council of 2010 (May 2010), preparation of RCC communications administrations to the regular session of ITU Council (end of 2010, Geneva), and other issues will be considered.

Issues consideration within the framework of and RCC Commissions on EMC REC and radio broadcasting joint session:

1. About the process of preparation to Telecommunications Assembly and World Telecommunications Conference of 2012.

2. About RCC regional initiative «rendering assistance in transition from analog to digital broadcasting», adopted at WTDC-10.

3. Consideration of «Order of RCC cooperation with regional organizations of communications» document.