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ITU Events in April 2012


1-4    Settlement of disputes in the field of ICT   
Khartoum, Sudan      
2-6    International Training Programme ITU-TRAI and the roundtable of regulators   
Hyderabad, India      
2    Seminar on a subject "Changes in the relation of telecommunication network architecture    Kampala, Uganda      
2-6    The preparatory meeting of the RCC WTSA-12-and 12 WCI    Tashkent, Uzbekistan      
3    Cooperation on ITS meeting of communication standards    Troy, Michigan, USA      
4-5    The focus Group on driver distraction
    Troy, Michigan, USA      
4    VOIP Forum for GCC    Muscat, Oman      
8        Muscat, Oman      
9-10    Meeting of speakers group on ussue19-2/1    Muscat, Oman      
11-19    Environment and Climate Change
    Geneva, Switzerland      
12-13    Focus group on automobile communication   
Kyoto, Japan      
12    Information and traning seminar on ITU methodology according to environment impact in the field of ICT    Geneva, Switzerland      
16-20    Modalisation des costs des rseaux et services orients vers les NGN
    Dakar, Senegal      
16-20    Outsourcing of business processes     Kampala, Uganda      
16-20    Seminar and meeting of Frequencies Coordination on transition to digital-terrestrial television and digital dividend distribution by east and southern parts of the country     Kampala, Uganda      
16-19    Management of Internet domains and National numbering    Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe      
16-20    Scurit des Rseaux    Dakar, Senegal      
16-20    Cost modeling     Nairobi, Kenya
16    Forum WSIS-2012: final briefing    Geneva, Switzerland      
17-18    The focus Group on services  Machine-to-machine     Geneva, Switzerland
18    Meeting of Rapporteurs on the question 23/1    Geneva, Switzerland      
18-19    The Regional Forum on Development - RDF
    Mexico City, Mexico      
19    Meeting of Rapporteurs on the question 24/1    Geneva, Switzerland
19    Regional meeting for members of the Sector on Development of public private partnership of the Americas    Mexico City, Mexico      
19    Joint ITU-ETNO seminar Revision of the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR) - "Preparation for the WCIT 2012    Brussels, Belgium      
19-27    Transfer of terrestrial broadcast    Geneva, Switzerland
19-25    Programme production and quality assessment    Geneva, Switzerland
20    Meeting of Rapporteurs on the question 22-1/1    Geneva, Switzerland
23-25    Council Working Group on preparation to WCIT 2012 (CSG-WCIT12)    Geneva, Switzerland
23    Meeting of Rapporteurs on the question 18-2/1    Geneva, Switzerland
23-27    Deployment cybersecurity capabilities in
countries served , based in the Tegucigalpa    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic      
24    Meeting of Rapporteurs on the question 21-1/1    Geneva, Switzerland
25    Meeting of Rapporteurs on the question 12-3/1    Geneva, Switzerland
25-30    Service and broadcast access Assembly    Geneva, Switzerland
26    Meeting of Rapporteurs on the question 10/3/1    Geneva, Switzerland
26-27    Seminar on technology standards of e-health    Geneva, Switzerland
27    Meeting of Rapporteurs on the question 7/3/1
    Geneva, Switzerland
28-1    Preparatory meeting of Arab of States to WTSA-12-12 WCIT    Cairo, Egypt