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ITU events for June, 2012


5    WTPF-13\\IEG-1    Geneva, Switzerland      
6-7    Council Working Group on the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)    Geneva, Switzerland      
8-9    Workshop    Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt      
8-11    Council Working Group on international Internet-related Public Policy Issues    Geneva, Switzerland      
11    Workshop on Future networks standardization    Geneva, Switzerland      
4-15    NGN Global Standards Initiative    Geneva, Switzerland      
4-15    Future networks including mobile and NGN    Geneva, Switzerland      
6-13    Spectrum Engineering Techniques    Geneva, Switzerland      
6-13    Spectrum Management Methodologies and Economic Strategies    Geneva, Switzerland      
6-13    Spectrum Monitoring    Geneva, Switzerland      
11-15    Signaling requirements, protocols and test specifications    Geneva, Switzerland      
11-15    Workshop on “ICT as an enabler for smart water management”    Cairo, Egypt      
12-15    Council Working Group on a Stable Constitution (CWG-STB-CS)    Geneva, Switzerland      
12-15    ITU Forum on Conformance and Interoperability for the Americas and Caribbean Region    Brasilia, Brazil     
12    4th meeting of the ITU IPv6 Group    Geneva, Switzerland      
12-15        ITU Forum on Conformance and Interoperability for the Americas region    Brasilia, Brazil      
14-15    Spectrum Management    Geneva, Switzerland      
18-20    Annual Forum on TELECOMMUNICATION Regulation and Partnership in Africa (FTRA)    Libreville, Gabon      
18-19    ITU Workshop on Cloud Computing    Tunis, Tunisia      
18-27    Propagation Fundamentals    Geneva, Switzerland      
18-27    Point-to-Area Propagation    Geneva, Switzerland      
18-27    Point-to-Point and Earth-Space Propagation    Geneva, Switzerland      
19    Council Working Group on Child Online Protection    Geneva, Switzerland      
19-21    Focus Group on Smart Cable Television    Geneva, Switzerland      
20-22    Council Working Group to Prepare for the 2012 WCIT (CWG-WCIT12)    Geneva, Switzerland      
20-21    Focus Group on Bridging the Gap: from Innovation to Standards    Tunis, Tunisia      
20    Workshop on ICT Innovations for Developing Countries    Tunis, Tunisia      
20-27    Ionospheric Propagation and Radio Noise    Geneva, Switzerland      
25-27    Focus Group on Disaster Relief Systems, Network Resilience and Recovery (FG-DR&NRR)    Geneva, Switzerland      
25-27    Radiocommunication Advisory Group    Geneva, Switzerland      
25    Workshop on disaster relief systems, network resiliency and recovery    Geneva, Switzerland      
26    Collaboration on ITS Communication Standards meeting    Munich, Germany      
26-28    Focus Group on Machine-to-Machine Service Layer    Beijing, China      
27    Coordination Committee for Vocabulary (CCV)    Geneva, Switzerland      
27-28    Focus Group on Driver Distraction    Munich, Germany      
27-29    Telecommunication Development Advisory Group meeting    Geneva, Switzerland      
27-29    Spectrum Management    Malabo, Equatorial Guinea