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ITU events for September, 2012


29 aug – 7 sept Security Geneva, Switzerland   
3-7 Internet of Things – Global Standards Initiative Geneva, Switzerland   
3-7 Tariff and accounting principles including related telecommunication economic and policy issues Geneva, Switzerland   
4 Joint Coordination Activity on Conformance and Interoperability Testing Geneva, Switzerland   
6-7 Regional Forum on Broadband for Socio-Economic Development Tirana, Albania   
6-7 Tutorial for Rapporteurs and Editors Geneva, Switzerland   
7 Joint Coordination Activity on internet of things Geneva, Switzerland   
7 Objective models and tools for multimedia quality Stockholm, Sweden   
10-11 Focus Group on Bridging the Gap: from Innovation to Standards Moscow, Russian Federation   
10-14 Radio Regulations Board Geneva, Switzerland   
10-14 Third Meeting of ITU-D Study Group 1 Geneva, Switzerland   
10-21 Optical transport networks and access network infrastructures Geneva, Switzerland   
10-14 Communications par Satellite Lome, Togo   
10 Workshop on ICT Innovations in emerging economies Moscow, Russian Federation   
11-13 Connectivity in rural area Cairo, Egypt   
11-14 Wireless Broadband Roadmap Development Bangkok, Thailand   
11 Dynamic Coalition on Accessibility and Disability E-meeting   
12-18 Efficient Orbit/Spectrum Utilization for MSS and RDSS Geneva, Switzerland   
13 Joint Coordination Activity on Smart Grid and Home Networking Geneva, Switzerland   
17-21 2nd ITU Green Standards Week Paris, France   
17-21 Third Meeting of ITU-D Study Group 2 Geneva, Switzerland   
17-21 VSAT Systems Malabo, Equatorial Guinea   
17-21 Systems, air interfaces, performance and availability objectives for FSS, BSS and MSS, including IP-based applications and satellite news gathering Geneva, Switzerland   
18 Joint ITU, Probe IT, CERT Workshop on the Internet of Things Hammamet, Tunisia   
19-27 Efficient Orbit/Spectrum Utilization for FSS and BSS Geneva, Switzerland   
20-21 ITU Seminar for Americas Region - Science services: regulatory, technical and practical implications Manta, Ecuador   
20-22 Current Trends in Telecommunication Network Development: Theory and Practice Baku, Azerbaijan   
21 ITU-D/ITU-R Joint Rapporteur's Group Meeting on Resolution 9 Geneva, Switzerland   
22 Joint ITU/IEEE workshop on Ethernet - Emerging Applications and Technologies Geneva, Switzerland   
24-26 Focus Group on Disaster Relief Systems, Network Resilience and Recovery (FG-DR&NRR) Geneva, Switzerland   
24-28 Internet Protocol Television Global Standards Initiative Milpitas, CA, USA   
24-28 Time Signals and Frequency Standard Emissions Manta, Ecuador   
24-28 Space Radiocommunication Applications Manta, Ecuador   
24-28 Remote Sensing Systems Manta, Ecuador   
24-28 Radio Astronomy Manta, Ecuador   
25-27 Focus Group on Audiovisual Media Accessibility Toronto, Canada   
28 Satellite Services Geneva, Switzerland