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Meeting of the Telecommunications Development Committee


It is necessary to note that the wisdom of Committee formation was dictated by the need to improve the standardization system in the field of communications and information, taking into account the intensification of the participation in international activity, particularly, in International Telecommunication Union (ITU) development sector.

Primary functions of the Telecommunications development committee are: organization and preparation of contribution into World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC), study and consideration of foreign countries’ and international regional organizations’ contribution in WTDC, participation in the events held by ITU, in the work of research commissions, Rapporteur groups, and Study groups of ITU.-D  

According to the Committee plan for 2009-2010 formed on the basis of committee members and organizations of communications and information sphere proposals, within the framework of the plan’s intended the objectives, contributions of the Republic of Uzbekistan into World Telecommunication Development Conference of International Telecommunication Union are arranged by the Committee (WTDC-2010):
1 Incorporation of research issues 18-1/2 «Aspects of IMT-2000 implementation and joint usage of the data on the subsequent systems in developing countries» and 20-2/2 «Study of the access technologies for broadband telecommunications»;
2 Reconsideration of Resolution 47 (Doha, 2006) «Guiding principles of the ITU recommendations implementation in developing countries».
3 Reconsideration of the research issue 19-1/1 «IP-telephony implementation in developing countries» in a new edition of issue 19-1/1 «Economical and regulatory aspects of IP-telephony implementation in developing countries»
4 Establishment of the procedure of appointing and maximum authority term for the chairmen and vice-chairmen of ITU-D research commissions.
5 Realization of the regional initiative «Stable power supply of telecommunication objects in rural and distant regions»
These proposals on necessity of joining the contributions of foreign countries into WTDC-2010 were initiated, and the projects of state and branch standards were considered and discussed. 

One of the urgent questions that was considered at the Committee meeting, were the proposals on candidates for leading positions of working bodies of ITU’s research commissions from the experts of communications and information sphere of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

One of the principal results of the Committee’s activity is the direct participation of the experts of communications and information sphere of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-2010), which will be held from May 24 till June 4 in Hyderabad, India.

Telecommunications Development Committee functions successfully since April 2009, and its activity is determined by the Decree of the Communications and Information Agency of Uzbekistan of April 17, 2009 123.