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Dictionary on ICT


By the President of our country the specific targets on wider implementation of ICT into all aspects of our life and intensification of their usage were designated. As a result of this, the positive marks in this direction are obtained in our country. Thereby, there more and more growing need and interest in deep familiarization with the notions in the field of ICT.


From the date of publication of the first edition of «Dictionary of ICT terms», 5 years have already passed. Taking into consideration onrush of the present branch, appearance of range of modern terms, which cover different directions of ICT development, as well as heighten interest of population in such kind of publication, the need is imminent for the development of the glossary’s new edition. Therefore, through the years 2009-2010, the measures were taken for preparation of the second edition of «Dictionary of ICT terms» in Uzbek language(which, though being a follow-up of the first edition, at the same time is presented to the readers in a new conceptual view) by the ICTP Project of United Nations Development Program with direct assistance of «UNICON.UZ» Center’s terminology service within the framework of activity on the increase of familiarity of employees, teachers, students of different educational institutions and also other population stratum in the ICT application range in the professional activity and daily life.


In the course of presentation, Mr. D.Amirov, the coordinator on the research of ICTP Project electronic management, has described in details the content of this Dictionary. It was pointed out that the dictionary contains more than 4,000 of modern terms and notions and also frequently used expressions. The distinctive point of the second edition (the first edition was published in 2004) is the increased graphical filling of terms by the usage of more than 400 diagrams, pictures, photos, and logos. 20 thematic colorful inserts on different directions of the ICT development, English-Uzbek and Russian-Uzbek dictionary, and history of ICT development in Uzbekistan and in the world are presented in separate blocks in the Dictionary.


Besides «traditional» directions of ICT development (hardware and software, computer network, computer graphics, data storage facilities), in the glossary there are also presented such currently urgent issues as biometric technologies, satellite navigation systems, e-Government, free and opened software, telemedicine.


Within the framework of the current edition there were also measures taken on the glossary structure processing and its qualitative and quantitative content, basing on international experience in the elaboration of such glossaries and on the comments and recommendations received from the readers of the first edition as well.


Taking into consideration the urgent practical and educational character of the glossary and also high applied focus of it in terms of further development of the terminological base in Uzbek language, it is expected that the glossary will serve as a reference book and at the same time as a textbook on modern computer technologies for specialist in the field of ICT and for all desirous as well due to the comfortable design, good systematization of the material, intelligible and understandable definitions.


The dictionary is developed by the Project «Assistance to the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan in formulation and implementation of the information-communication technology politics for the country’s development» (ICTP) Project of the UN Development Program with the assistance of Coordination Council on computerization and information and communication technology development, as well as Communications and Information Agency of Uzbekistan.

In presentation participated the representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Communications and Information Agency of Uzbekistan, ICTP Project of UNDP, SUE “UNICON.UZ”, Information and Library Center, as well as the representatives of mass media.