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Bill discussion has taken place


On July 30 of the current year in Oliy Majlis Legislative House at the plenary meeting the bill discussion of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On informational-library activity» took place.

The present bill is elaborated in implementation of priority tasks realization in library services connected with qualitative service of users by information-communication technologies, formation of national electronic resources with their assignation for the wide use. 

The bill is a component of reforms in informational-library activity, which were started in 2006 by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan «On organization of informational-library provision of the Republic’s population» -381, which is covered by the state-run program «Year of harmoniously developed generation». It consists of 6 chapters and 25 articles.

The bill’s relevance lies in the necessity of defining basic principles of informational-library institutions, of providing rights guarantee to citizens on free access to information, and also of inclusioning to the values of national and world culture.

Primary aims of the Law are: creation of legal basis for information-library field, creation of the mechanism of activity state control, tightening up of informational-library institutions status, formation of national informational-library system of the country.

When elaborating the bill, experience and laws of foreign countries such as Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkmenistan, and others was studied.

Within the framework of the meeting the issues being brought up at the meeting of faction deputies on July 28 of this year have been discussed. Among them are: specification of regulatory body, liability for funds storage and financing. Also, it should be noted that parties have proposed extension of the bill taking into account ICT application.