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Mininfocom recommends buying TVs that supporting DVB-T2 standard


Today in Uzbekistan the digital TV of DVB-T2 standard widely takes root

The main advantage of digital TV - is a picture. Digital image processing in the course of transfer and reception allows reaching much more quality. Before someone has TV at home showed the ideal picture, more often the image was followed by ripples, any hindrances, twitched, vanished. In a new format influence of hindrances on clearness was significantly minimized. At the same time, two national TV channels broadcast in HD high definition format. Other TV channels plan phased transition to broadcasting in HD quality. Preparation for this transition requires not only equipment of these TV channels with the latest equipment for creation of HD content, but also stage-by-stage shutdown of analog broadcasting for release of necessary frequency range for new HD channels.
The advantage of digital format is an opportunity to transmit stereo sound and sound in format 5.1. Now it is possible to connect five usual and one low-frequency column to the TV, having created the home theater with so-called presence effect.
The majority of modern TVs, in particular, which is issued in Uzbekistan, have the built-in digital tuner which supports the DVB-T2 standard. In addition to it only the ordinary antenna will be required. Therefore Mininfocom recommends to viewers that upon purchase of TVs to pay attention to support of the TV DVB-T2 standard.
Some statistics on transition of Uzbekistan to digital broadcasting. Following the results of the first quarter 2017, the level of coverage of the population of Uzbekistan digital telecasting reached 95%. This indicator is reached thanks to installation throughout the country of 369 digital television transmitters.
The strategy of actions in five priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 separate point has noted installation of the equipment for digital broadcasting. End of the year established 25 more powerful digital television transmitters will be installed in the large cities and the regional centers and 293 low-power transmitters in remote and hard-to-reach settlements.
Author: Information Service