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Charity action of \"UNICON.UZ\"


Representatives of the Trade Committee of the Scientific Engineering and Marketing Researches Center – SUE "UNICON.UZ" of the Communications and Information Agency of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the students of the branch of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov conducted an event «Give a smile to children».

The kind and charitable tradition of engineers, scientific of the Center with students of IHL is in progress. Beginning from this year there accepted the decision to take under patronage the Yunus-Abad Charity House 31.

In the Concert hall everyone who came to visit the children has brought the pleasure which will be remembered for children for a long time. Students with creative temper have prepared the concert program which varied with active games with children and music. The children all together sang the children's songs of cartoon film «Bremen musicians», listened to the songs in English, live performance of rubab and guitar. Between the performances they guess the riddles, represented and imitated the animals, participated in pantomime, as well as they danced. The games made children active; they emotionally supported their teams and expressed the general solidarity.

Scientific Engineering and Marketing Researches Center supported the initiative of students and has organized a festive table, food products, according to the results of preliminary survey organized the games, football competitions. The presented computer of «Great World» trademark became the great pleasure for the foster children.

The foster children and administration of the Charity House 31 third time meets the representatives of the Union of engineers, scientific of SUE "UNICON.UZ" and current students of the branch of Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov.

The similar meetings in the Charity House provide the possibility to feel the responsibility to the children for their generation, to express a civil position in rendering the moral support.

Nowadays about 115 children at the age from 7 till 16 are fostered in the House. Many of them soon will gin the knowledge in the Professional College 9 of the capital, where the children will get the skills of mechanic, welder, and the girls the skills of cooks, sewers.