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Dictionary on telecommunications shortenings


In modern research literature in telecommunication field shortenings (abbreviations and acronyms) of terms are widely used.

Especially frequently this can be met in publications of communications and information sphere and also in the publications of International Telecommunications Union.

«English-Russian-Uzbek dictionary on telecommunications shortenings» is elaborated by Terminology and Dictionaries Department of SEMRC to ease the works tightly connected with these shortenings.

The present dictionary is elaborated on the basis of «English-Russian-Uzbek explanatory dictionary of contractions in communications, computer, and information technologies field» by N.N.Slepov and «English-Russian dictionary of shortenings on telecommunications» by T.D.Rajabov, Sh.Z.Tajibaev, J.Sh.Tajibaev.

The dictionary contains around 5000 shortenings and conventions on exploitation of systems and communication facilities of all types, which work in different frequency and wave ranges.

Alphabetical order of shortenings presentation is embodied in the dictionary.
The dictionary is designed for engineering- technical and research workers working in communications and information sphere and using in their practicum native and foreign regulatory and technical documentation, as well as for teachers and students of high and specialized secondary schools.

Under general editorship of engineering, professor . uhiddinov.
The dictionary is compiled by, docent Sh.Tajibaev
Translated and edited by Y.Akhmedova, Sh.Tulyaganov, R.Vahidova
Computer typesetting: .Yusupova, D.Shukurova
Reviewer:, docent R.Abdurahmanov