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Dictionary on switching system terms


«Russian-Uzbek explanatory dictionary of switching system terms» is published for the first time

Due to the growth of subscribers’ needs in telecommunication services (broadband access to the Internet, multimedia communication, etc.) in the networks of telecommunication operators besides the digital switching systems that nowadays widely used, are used the NGN networks. 

The main principle of NGN is the construction of a single network infrastructure for provision of variety of services that actually offers the operation with the variety of traffic in a single network infrastructure based on signals packet switching. The convergence process of networks and services taking place nowadays requires the usage of new terms, defining the elements and procedures used in the convergence networks.

Installation and application of switching systems by the experts of communications and information sector of different countries and producer companies, as well as their cooperation in exploitation, requires the knowledge of specific terms in the field of switching systems. Therefore, these factors predetermined the necessity of creation of an explanatory dictionary of switching system terms.  

The dictionary is an output of work of the experts of the Terminology and Dictionaries Department with engagement of other specialists of SUE «UNICON.UZ». Upon compiling the dictionary, the authors have used the materials of technical literature and reference-books, study-guides, recommendations of International Telecommunication Union, and Internet materials. 
The dictionary contains more than 600 terms, compiled in alphabetic order.
This dictionary contains terms with corresponding definitions on the following areas:
- basic concept;
- telecommunication networks;
- terminal (telephone) devices of telecommunication networks;
- switching  equipments (telephone);
- equipment of jack field;
- switching devices.

The dictionary is intended for the experts of the communications and information sector, scientists, translators, teachers, Ph.Ds. fellows, and students.
We beforehand express you our appreciation for comments and proposals. They will be taken into account in elaboration of the next scheduled dictionary.

The work on the dictionary was conducted according to the CIAUz Decree 31 of 22.01.2010.
The dictionary is compiled upon the general editorship of the Director of SUE «UNICON.UZ», PhD. tech . akhmudov.
Dictionary is compiled by A. Mirkhabibov,
Translated and edited by Z. Giyasov, Y. Akhmedova, Sh. Tulyaganov.
Computer typesetting: K. Yusupova, D. Kamilov.
Reviewers: A. Eshmuradov – PhD tech, Associated professor, Head of subdepartment of «Telecommunication technologies and switching systems» of Tashkent University of Information technologies, and N. Gulturaev – PhD tech, Associated professor of Chair.