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New Dictionary on IT


In existing conditions, the problem of information security from unauthorized access, distribution of unreliable information, infringnment of information systems normal functioning due to infiltrate computer viruses in them, is especially acute.

Terminology plays an important role in all spheres of society life activities, and information security sphere is not an exception too. Russian-Uzbek definition dictionary of terms on information technology is an attempt to generalize existing terminology in information security sphere, and certainly is not limiting.

The dictionary is a result of the work of Terminology and Dictionaries Department specialists, as well as the other experts of the SEMRC. It includes about 1400 terms in alphabetical order. Terms and definitions in Russian and Uzbek languages and their equivalents in English reflected in the dictionary.

Under general editorship of deputy director of SEMRC Z.Giyasov.
The dictionary is compiled by S.Abramova, translated and edited by Y.Ahmedova, Sh.Tulaganov
Computer typesetting: B.Shamshieva   
Expert: .Ahmedova