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National Hashar


In Uzbekistan August is declared an accomplishment and cleanliness month, including August 14-15th  as national volunteer hashar.

On August, 14th 2010 all of the collective of the State unitary enterprise "UNICON.UZ" took part  in the national charitable hashar  with the   aim  of an accomplishment of streets and residential areas, improvement of a sanitary-and-epidemiologic condition of the  republic. The majority of employees has arranged well the  territory where a new complex of laboratory is being built along the street Sohibkor 2, and the Junus  Abad areas.

Hashar is  the ancient and eternal value which has reached us from our ancestors. In this invaluable tradition  many  best qualities have been in the picture  of our people, like  unity, magnanimity and diligence.

The means earned in one day from hashar, will be  transferred for the settlement account  "Mahalla"  welfare fund. They will be used on an accomplishment and infrastructure development of mahallas (region where people live), supporting  socially needing people, improvement of material base of houses of mercy and other specialized establishments.

For reference:

National hashar, which took place  on the eve of Independence Day, and so  became the holiday present of creation and work. It was underway on the basis of accepted Decision of the Cabinet of Republic Uzbekistan from July, 21st 2010y.   485.