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In the center of attention - health of a mother and a child


Protection of Motherhood and childhood, upbringing of harmoniously developed younger generation is one of priority orientations in our country.

The level of society development depends largely on the indicator of the population health in common. Increase of medical culture, strengthening of women reproductive health is a dominant factor in upbringing of healthy generation. It rests certain responsibility not only on doctors but also on each citizen. Education begins within families. Delivery of a healthy child is equally important both for a family, and for society. Folk wisdom justly states: «Health of people– wealth of the country». Thereby, the meeting with the chief of gynecology department of S.Rakhimov district regional medical association in Tashkent, a doctor of highest degree, B.A.Abdusalomova, has been organized.

In the course of the meeting with the employees of the Reproductive age center’s staff she has told about tasks and aims of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Decree of April 13, 2009 DP-1096 «On additional measures on mother and child health protection, formation of healthy generation» and the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Decree of July 1, 2009 DP-1144 «On the Program of measures on the further strengthening and intensification of the work done on reproductive health promotion of population, delivering of a healthy child, formation of physically and intellectually developed generation on years 2009 — 2013».

Concluding the meeting, the employees of the Center have got answers on the vital questions about health, have got advises on diseases prevention, and also essential knowledge on the upbringing of healthy generation.