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eld the training seminar


The seminar opened week of training seminars for heads of SUE “Center of Computerization” at regional hokimiyats

In pursuance of Protocols of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from October 20, 2014 No 56 and 56, and also for in advanced training of specialists of the Computerization Centers on June 1, 2015 in SUE «UNICON.UZ» held the training seminar on subjects:

- work with interdepartmental electronic document flow "Izhro intizomi", systems electronic mail protection system "E-XAT" and electronic document flow of "E-HUJJAT";

- Generation and delivery of keys of EDS to natural and legal entities.

The seminar served as platform for discussing the questions on system “Ijro  Intizomi”, also experts presented specific proposals on improvement of system “Ijro Intizoma”.


By results of training to responsible of Computerization Centers certificates were handed.

On end of training seminar listeners got acquainted with production shop. Here in SUE UNICON.UZ the hardware-software device - "E-KALIT" is issued, is specially developed for use together with information systems where the protected storage of confidential keys of enciphering and a digital signature is required.

The seminar was organized in order to  granting possibility of operating time of practical skills and receiving theoretical knowledge.

For reference:

For introduction and technical maintenance of software products on places SUE UNICON.UZ has the distributors in the person SUE "Center of computerization."