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In SUE «UNICON.UZ» held the Joint scientific Workshop


On February 18, 2016 in SUE «UNICON.UZ» held the joint scientific workshop
On the agenda were considered two questions:
1. On the work of the Joint Scientific workshop;
2. Discussion of thesis work of Inogamov A. on the subject: "Methods of modification of optical fibers rare-earth elements and their spectral characteristics".
In his opening remarks, the chairman of the Joint Scientific Workshop (JSW) Academician D. Abdullayev reminded that JSW operates since 2005. In connection with the approval of the new Charter of SUE «UNICON.UZ» on its basis has been in turn, approved the new Statute of the Joint Scientific Workshop and its composition, which includes 22 specialists from SUE «UNICON.UZ», the Tashkent University of Information Technologies and the enterprises of the sphere of information communications technologies. The Chairman of JSW approved Academician D. Abdullayev and scientific secretary of the Candidate of Technical Sciences O.P. Akhmedova.
Accorded to the applicant A. Inogamov, the Chairman noted the positive fact that for years the activities of the workshop young professionals have become more aspire to science and now on the agenda of one of the results of the young seeker of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies.
The second issue was devoted to the discussion of the thesis Inogamov Akmal Muratovich on "Methods of modifying the optical fiber with rare earth elements and their spectral characteristics", presented for the degree of doctor of technical sciences, specialty - 05.04.02 - "Systems and devices of radio engineering, radio navigation, radar and television. Mobile, fiber optic communication systems.
The applicant A. Inogamov in his presentation in brief told about degree of study of a problem, about results of laboratory experiments and provided specific suggestions on improvement of optical fibers rare-earth elements and their spectral characteristics.
After the speech the applicant was asked questions on which answers have been received. Also members of USW were stated recommendations.
RI Isaev - Candidate of Technical Sciences, in his speech praised the fact that this work was born in TUIT. He noted that conducted huge and delicate research, disassembled quality indicators. He wished success and continuation of scientific activity.
Members of JSW it is offered about necessary patenting of this research and it is noted that this work serves as the beginning of serious approach to the perspective direction.
Opponent IR Berganov - Ph.D., noted that thesis work A.M. Inogamov "modification methods of optical fibers with rare earth elements and their spectral characteristics" is a self-complete scientific qualification work. In terms of content and meet the requirements of HAC RUz. from 31.01.2013, № 195/2, shown to theses for degree of the doctor of science.
In general members meeting of the Joint Scientific workshop, it was noted that the applicant A.M. Inogamov deserves the award of the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences on specialty 05.04.02 - «Systems and radio engineering devices, radio navigation, a radio location and television.  Mobile, fiber-optical communication systems ".
В завершении заседания с заключительным словом выступил председатель ОНС   Д. Абдуллаев. Он предложил, превратить ОНС в орган глубокого изучения и обсуждения научных работ, квалификация ученых членов ОНС позволяет выполнять данную функцию. Пожелал, чтобы ОНС оказался в центре внимания научно-технического общества.  В заключении он подчеркнул, что вся деятельность ОНС направлена на рост молодых ученых и подготовку специалистов высокого класса - докторов технических наук. 
In end of a meeting with concluding remarks the chairman of ISS D.Abdullaev has acted. He has offered, to turn ISS into body of deep studying and discussion of scientific works, qualification of scientific members of ISS allows to carry out this function. He has wished that ISS has come under the spotlight of scientific and technical society. In conclusion, he has emphasized that all activity of ISS is directed to growth of young scientists and high-class training of specialists - Doctors of Engineering.
At the end of the meeting with concluding remarks the chairman of JSW D. Abdullayev has acted. He suggested turning JSW into organ searching study of and discussion of research papers, qualifications of researchers’ members JSW enables this feature. He has wished to JSW was the focus of scientific and technological society. In conclusion, he emphasized that all the activities of JSW aims to increase young scientists and training highly qualified specialists - doctors of technical sciences