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Devoted to the 680 anniversary the birth of A. Temur


April 8, 2016 in the SUE "UNICON.UZ" held a meeting dedicated to the anniversary of the great statesman, military leader, the person who played a significant role in the history
The meeting was conducted by the senior lecturer of the Tashkent State Institute of Law, the Doctor of Law - Feruza Mukhitdinova and professor of the State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan - Sayyora Tuychiyeva. 
At the beginning of the meeting it was noted that one of the properties of our people for years of independence is the implementation of meaningful work for the revival and development of spiritual values
An important task in this process is considered to be extensive propaganda of historical truth, associated with the name of the famous founder of the Temurid Empire - Amir Temur. During the meeting, the lecturer mentioned the important events associated with the name A.Temura. These include the following facts and dates.
In 1996 in our country it has been declared the Year of Amir Temur. In the same year 660 anniversary of the birth of the great military leader is widely celebrated under the auspices of UNESCO. In the capital, as well as in Samarkand and Shakhrisabz installed the monuments of Sakhibkiran. In Tashkent, built Amir Temur Museum
He began his activities International Charitable Fund of Amir Temur, established the Order of Amir Temur. Today, the Order of Amir Temur compatriots are awarded for significant contribution to the strengthening of independence, the country's development in the fields of science, literature and art. All these measures have become unforgettable events in the spiritual life of the people.
During the meeting it was stressed that the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov in his book "Yuksak Manaviyat - engilmas kuch" (High spirituality - an invincible force) stressed that of Amir Temur as a historical figure is a symbol of incomparable energy and determination, courage and wisdom
He created the great empire and left theoretical, and practical heritage in the sphere of statehood, including opened the wide road for development of science, culture, creation, religions and spirituality. It is also noted that A. Temur's talent in military science is only one of sides of his activity. During the board A. Temur has united 27 states.
During all his life he patronized science and art, showing an example of creative work for the renovation and improvement. Sakhibkiran - a solon, who taught: there, where to take one brick should be put ten bricks, where cut down one tree, you need to put ten more. Where there is a spring next to him lay out a garden.
Separately was emphasized work of Amir Temur "Temur's Codes", which can be called praise of kindness, generosity and justice. It fully reflected his personality and fair policy.
The reader receives rich spiritual food. It has been underlined that Amir Temur's contribution to development of literature, arts, cultures, trade and other spheres also deserves attention. During the meeting listeners learned bright and cognitive examples of high spirituality and such facts that Temur entered the holy Bukhara on foot, getting off the horse and without weapons.
Around Samarkand he substantiated gardens - one more beautiful than the other and in a conversation with the scientists descended from his throne. Conducting today the extensive propaganda carried out by the great ancestor of the noble deeds, his art and the board the state and invaluable advices for youth is an actual task.
Concluding the lecture, it was underlined that the identity of Amir Temur demonstrates the strength and power of the Uzbek people, his justice, his enormous contribution to the world civilization. After the meeting, the lecturers answered the questions from the audience