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Secure Email system \"E-XAT\" has received the certificate


Works on certification of Secure Email system "E-XAT" are completed
Now in pursuance of a number of government decisions in the state bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan are being actively implemented various electronic document management system aimed at reducing the time needed for the qualitative consideration of citizens and implementation of the corresponding orders of the management. In carrying out this activity is important confidentiality and authenticity of information being processed, so the developers of electronic document management systems for public authorities a lot of attention is paid to information security. The specialists of SUE «UNICON.UZ» for several years, work is underway on the development and implementation of various information systems focused on ensuring information security. Software development in the «UNICON.UZ» PMU conducted a prerequisite for compliance with the requirements of state standards in the field of cryptographic protection of information.
We have developed the Secure Email system "E-XAT" (further SEMS "E-XAT") intended for the organization of the protected exchange of electronic messages between users with application of cryptographic protection of information security - the electronic digital signature (EDS). In order to protect against unauthorized access in this system besides traditional input of login and the password the certificate and keys of electronic digital signature are used. Secure Email system "E-XAT" is one of the most applied among government bodies of Uzbekistan.
As It is known that the most reliable mechanism for confirmation of compliance to the existing requirements of any production including software products, turn up their certification. SUE «UNICON.UZ» systematically carries out procedure of certification of own software products therefore after certificates of conformity on software CIPF "Control System of Keys and Certificates of Keys of Electronic Digital Signature" and program CIPF "Secure Electronic Document Management System " has successfully passed certification procedure of SEMS " Secure Email system "E-XAT" " by results of which the certificate of conformity for UZ.SMT.01.245.0954708 from 3/3/2016 was received.
Existence of this certificate confirms ensuring high level of safety at an exchange of information and EDS keys and safety from a compromise (change, substitution, etc.) the closed EDS keys. The received SUE «UNICON.UZ» conformity certificate confirms compliance of SEMS "E-XAT" for compliance with national standards such as:
-       O‘z DSt 1105:2009 "Information technology. Cryptographic protection of information. Data encryption algorithm”.
-    O'z DSt 1106: 2009 "Information technology. Cryptographic protection of information. Hashing function ";
- O‘z DSt 1092:2009 "Information technology. Cryptographic protection of information. Processes of formation and check of electronic digital signature";
- O‘z DSt 2816:2014 "Classification of the software support of means of information protection by the level of control of lack of not declared opportunities" on the 3rd level of control.
SEMS "E-XAT" provides providing such main functions as the storage of e-mail messages, formation and sending e-mail messages, receiving and opening of e-mail messages, establishment of authenticity of the EDS of the message sender, viewing of the certificate sender’s EDS, and also other functions aimed at safety of transmitted data.
For the purpose of reliable storage of EDS keys this software product supports domestic hardware storage of private keys. It should be noted that SUE «UNICON.UZ» doesn't intend to stop on the achieved results - certification of all innovative software products developed by the specialists SUE «UNICON.UZ» that will increase their competitiveness and level of customer interest in the certified domestic software products is in the future provided.