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On an excursion in the certification test center


 A group of young specialists from SUE "UNICON.UZ" made an excursion to the Certification Testing Center of Telecommunications Technical Equipment (CTC TTE), which is located at: ul. Sohibkor, 2a

The young colleagues were greeted by the head of the CTC TTE, Andrei Gennadyevich Lee. He briefly outlined the goals and objectives of the center, told about the existing laboratories that make up the CTC, about the measurements of the tests that are being conducted within the walls of the Center.
The excursion began, appropriately from the laboratory "Testing laboratory of digital switching systems and subscriber terminal devices (TL-01). The group was met by the head of the laboratory Rinat Raufovich Muslimov. He spoke about modern terminal subscriber devices, digital switching systems, next generation NGN networks, networks built on the basis of IP, ETHERNET technologies.
Further on the testing laboratory of radio equipment (TL-02) the head of the laboratory Doniyor Safarov told. It was noted that all telecommunication technical equipment associated with the transmission of signals by radio waves are subject to mandatory certification, be it TV equipment, broadcasting, mobile devices, parts related to base stations of cellular communication systems, broadband wireless access.
The concept of "technical compatibility" was briefly explained. This laboratory is equipped with all the necessary modern measuring and testing equipment that meets the requirements of this direction.
In the following OFFICE of the testing laboratory of communication cables and transmission systems (IL-03), the excursion was continued by its head - Akram Khudzhayev. He told and demonstrated the devices of the laboratory in this direction, introduced the mission they are carrying out.
Further, the excursion was transferred to the Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety Testing Laboratory (TL-05). This laboratory is popular because the name of the laboratory was given by an anechoic shielded chamber, the only one in Central Asia. The head of laboratory Bekzod Shokirov with known and unique equipment, briefly outlined the history of the ASC creation, demonstrated the operation of equipment in the office of management, goals and tasks of the scale equipment.
Further the group went directly to the room where the anechoic chamber is located and got acquainted with how the testing of equipment in this laboratory passes.
During the excursion, young specialists learned that, first of all, for today, tests of equipment for electromagnetic compatibility are being conducted. Here come and manufacturers and businessmen with equipment, for passing tests in the laboratory. Only after successful results they receive the relevant documents.
Cognitive information received during the excursion enlarged the luggage of knowledge of young specialists. At this the excursion was completed.
For reference: on 27 February of the current year, the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved the General Technical Regulations on the Safety of Telecommunications Equipment. The document was adopted in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Technical Regulation". Each the telecommunication equipment imported to Uzbekistan is subject to mandatory testing and certification.