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TUIT has developed road map\" of summer vacations for its students


Tashkent University of Information Technologies Muhammad Al-Khorazmiy developed a so-called "road map", which is "homework" for university students for the summer vacation period

At the same time, both the students themselves and the population of the regions in which they live are the winners.
The main objective of this card - self-improvement of students during the summer holidays, as well as to provide a contribution to increasing the interest of the population in the field of ICT or wide propaganda in the regions and cities of the country.
Reports are provided to the group's curator in 4 forms (written, video production, the software product and the presentation). The term of delivery of reports – on September 15, 2017.
Software product – the product in the form of the software created by the student individually or in group during summer vacation. At the same time it is required to hand over actually software product together with its description in the form of a report.
Direction 1: Increasing students' own knowledge
Identification of the students of university showing interest in programming, computer literacy, telecommunication technologies, studying of languages and the organization of free courses during the summer vacation in the centers at TUIT.
The organization by activists of SW SMY of "Kamolot" of a seminar training for the directions of formation of university on the basis of the principle "Training of the student by the student". Recommendation to participation in free circles on the study of foreign languages and other training courses, carried out in the centers "Young Trainers", "Young entrepreneurs" organized in the Center of youth initiatives under the Central Council of SMY "Kamolot" of the Republic of Uzbekistan. To create lists of students in a section of areas, to recommend for the organization of courses for students on "IT", "CISCO", "E-Gov" and other directions at regional branches of JSC Uzbektelekom.
Direction 2: Activization of the activities of university students
Identify students, showing interest in studying of English, the organization by the students possessing certificates of IELTS, seminar- trainings for students
Direction 3: Increase literacy and ICT culture among young people and students
Organization by students of university on the basis of the working plan of faculty of courses on e-government, Internet culture, culture of use of smartphones, literacy of ICT among the population and youth, in places of own accommodation, in cooperation with the partner organizations.
Direction 4: Involving students to spiritual and educational work
Involving students in various spiritual and educational activities in the regions, cities, regions, villages where they live, in cooperation with the Centers for the Propagation of Spirituality. Holding students of spiritual and educational activities on ICT literacy in the senior groups of pre-school educational institutions in their own places of residence.
Direction 5: Education of students in the spirit of patriotism
Visit and studying of historical sights and monuments in cities and regions. On the basis of results of studying of historical sights holding a competition of compositions among students in new 2017-2018 academic year.
Direction 6: Broad introduction of ICT in public education institutions in the Republic
Assistance in creating web pages for secondary schools and pre-school educational institutions in the cities, regions and villages of the Republic. Active participation in the prevention of computer security and Internet networks in secondary schools and pre-school educational institutions in the Republic.
The best projects are awarded, taking 1, 2 and 3 places. At that, 1 prize places - 3, 2 prize places - 5 and 3 prize places - 10. Winners will receive tablets, laptops, smartphones, iClock, WiFi Internet routers and other prizes.
Source: Information Service