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Basic Organization on Standardization

The base institution on standardization (BIS) is created in 1997 in order to realization of an organizational-methodical management by standardization works, and also maintenance of unity of requirements to these works by coordination of services activity of managing subjects standardization.

The base intuitions of standardization are registered in Agency "Uzstandart" on 9th June, 1999.
The base institution on standardization decides following main task:

- Definition of principal directions development of standardization means of communication and information;
- Coordination of works on standardization, realize on communication and information sphere;
- Working out, examination and coordination of standards projects  and other regulatory document on standardization in communication and information sphere, and also preparation of offers and actions for their well- timed introduction and revision;
- The organization and carrying out of systematic control of the standard documents developed in communication and information sphere for the purpose of decision-making on the further application (revision to make changes to cancel);
- The organization and carrying out of the analysis of harmonization of requirements of standard documents of sphere communication and information with requirements of the international (regional) standard documents;
- Rendering of the methodical help to managing subjects of communication and information sphere of in working out of plans on standardization and actions for introduction of standards;
- Formation of projects of plans on standardization (the reference to subsection " Working plan on standardization") communication and information spheres;
- Preparation of offers for projects of plans the state and interstate standardization on communication and information subjects;
- Participation in work of Technical committee on standardization in communication and information sphere
- Realization of interaction with Agency "Uzstandart", Scientific Research institute of standardization, metrology, certification;
- Formation and conducting Reference fund of standard documents on communication and information sphere.

Works on standardization are spent by the Base organization on standardization annually under the confirmed plans of works coordinated with the State commettee for communications, information and telecommunication technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The base organization on standardization creates standardization system in communication and information sphere which develops requirements of the state standardization system reference to requirements of branch. In this system 19 standard documents are developed and installed.

By the base organization on standardization is organized and is conducted the reference fund of standard documents, and also created and is conducted Databank of standard documents.