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Preliminary structure and content of a general technical regulation Telecommunications hardware requirements


The general technical regulation «Telecommunications hardware requirements» consists of the following structure elements:

Field of application
Saving clause
Access rules to the market
Technical requirements
Test techniques
Conformity presumption
Conformity assessment
Mutual recognition of operating results on conformity estimation
Transition period
Procedure of state supervision

1. Introduction

The requirements cited in the general technical regulation, are harmonized with:
European directive 99/5/EU;
IEC International standard 60950 (1999), third edition, «Security of information technologies’ equipment».

2. Field of application

The present general technical regulation is spread to the put into circulation, come into operation and being in operation telecommunications equipment:

New, previously not exploited, regardless the country of origin;
Being in operation after modernization.

The requirements of the present general technical regulation are spread to the following types of telecommunications equipment:

Digital switching system;
Switching subsystems of telecommunications mobile networks;
Equipment realizing additional network services;
Equipment of next generation networks;
Final terminal devices;
Mobile communications systems;
Terrestrial and satellite systems of radiocommunications, radiobroadcasting and television;
Terrestrial satellite systems of navigation and positioning;
Systems of cable television and radiobroadcasting;
Radio control and telemetry devices;
Studio audio and video facility;
Image reproducing devices;
Antennas and feed devices;
Equipment of digital transmission system;
Equipment of data transfer by wired and wireless access;
Equipment of network management system and monitoring;
Equipment of telecommunications technical means’ electric supply;
Devices and systems of climate control;
Communication cables and cable equipment.

The present technical regulation isn’t spread on military-oriented telecommunications equipment.

The present general technical regulation sets obligatory requirements for telecommunications equipment with the aim of:

Protection of human life and health, property of juridical and physical persons and the state;
Prevention of acts misguiding consumers (telecommunications users, operators and providers) regarding their purpose and security;
Security, completeness and interconnectivity provision as well as telecommunication networks’ smooth functioning.

For special types of telecommunications equipment included in the scope of the present general technical regulation, additional obligatory requirements connected with conditions of their use when coupling with telecommunications networks, can be set.

The requirements of the present general technical regulation are obligatory for application by all economic entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan regardless ownership forms.

3. Definitions

The terms with corresponding definitions, taken from international, regional and state standards will be cited.

4.  Saving clause

In this section will be cited the provisions, according to which preventive actions on the market access of telecommunications equipment not conforming to the present general technical regulation, are taken.

5. Access rules to the market

In this section the provisions will be set, according to which telecommunications equipment shouldn’t be realized on the market if during its proper use consumers may be misguided or harm inflicted to the life or health of a human, animals and plants, property, environment, and also application rules of     Conformity mark, will be cited.

6. Technical requirements

The section will consist of 7 subsections
6.1 Technical requirements to mechanical safety.
6.2 Technical requirements of radiation safety.
6.3 Technical requirements to fire safety.
6.4 Technical requirements to electrical safety.
6.5 Technical requirements to environmental safety.
6.6 Technical requirements to explosion safety.
6.7 Technical requirements to telecommunications equipment.

7. Test techniques

8. Conformity presumption

If necessary, in this section the conditions, under which telecommunications equipment can conform international and/or interstate standards, will be laid down.

9. Conformity assessment

In the present section security conformity assessment of telecommunications’ equipment will be introduced, as well as forms and schemes of conformity assessment determined with account of risk level, which are considered as those, providing needed evidence level.
 10. Mutual recognition of operating results on conformity estimation

In the present section conditions of mutual recognition of operating results on equipment’s conformity estimation will be cited.

11. Transition period

In this section the time period, during which the general technical regulations should be brought into action, will be set.

12. Procedure of state supervision

In this section the organizations, on which control, periodicity of control realization in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan will be marked.

Load Preliminary structure and content of a general technical regulation «Telecommunications hardware requirements»

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