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E-KALIT is hardware and software applications designed specifically for use in conjunction with information systems that require secure storage of secret key encryption and digital signature (EDS).
E-KALIT represents wearable USB-stick with a small size, provides a cryptographic storage of personal user settings in a secure trusted environment.


Storing files S-FILES

The S-FILES system is designed to provide security, integrity and protection against unauthorized access to folders and files on a personal computer or external disk media. Currently, it has no analogues in the Republic


Digital signature

Key certificates of the digital signature keys registration Center electronic signature when sue "UNICON.UZ" in line with international recommendations ITU-T X. 509, RFC3279, RFC3280.


E-XAT — secured e-mail syste

E-XAT — secured e-mail system is intended for organization of protected exchange of electronic messages between the users of E-Xat system.

The system of protected e-mail uses the devices of cryptographic protection of information and digital signature devices (national cryptoprovider) on the basis of the state standards in the field of cryptographic protection of information.


E-HUJJAT — electronic document management system

E-HUJJAT – electronic document management system is intended for organization of exchange of legitimate electronic documents, as well as for perfection and automation of existing system of office management in the organization