E-XAT — secured e-mail system

The system E-Xat due to the use of protection facilities meets the following requirements of information security:
 • Identification — establishes the authenticity of user of the E-Xat system on the basis of digital signature;
• Confidentiality — protection of electronic messages by their encryption;
• Authentification of sender of the electronic message on the basis of checks of the accessory of the digital signature in each electronic message;
• Integrity of electronic messages — the check of non-distortion of information in the electronic message.
The E-Xat system supports three languages for work in the system: Uzbek (Latin and Cyrillic), Russian (Cyrillic) and English (Latin).
For working in the E-Xat system each user should have the private key and the certificate of the public key which issued by the Digital Signature Keys Registration Center.